Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

Just a little praise report today, I have been looking for a new car since what August, but have not been able to find something I could make work for what I needed. I needed something bigger as I always seem to have extra kids. Soccer carpool and now I seem to have a church carpool more often. My kids would argue over who got to invite a friend and my son always wants to invite more than one friend. You really can't say no when they want to bring their friends to church and more importantly the friends want to come! I admit a few times we had an extra kid smashed in the back seat sharing a seat belt.
Well praise God this weekend I was able to find something with a 3rd row I can afford! God blessed us big time with something better than I was about to settle for. AND...... they just called me, they need me to come back in and resign the loan because the bank approved a better deal so my payment will go down a little more! God is so good. All in his time.

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