Wednesday, March 18, 2009

But how???

If you follow my little online diary here, you know I have had two very clear messages lately from God. One was FOCUS. The other was READ THE WORD. The new one is DO NOT QUIT!!! This one has been around for a while but now because I have wanted to quit a lot more I am getting the message a little bit louder. Everywhere I go, everything I read, guest speakers I listen to, etc everything is telling me not to quit. The problem is, I am not getting page two of the memo that tells me how. All I will say is right now I am at the end of the rope with my son. I am so far at the end I want to throw the rope not even hold on by strings anymore. Of course it is not because I don't love him. It is just because he has the "I want to be 18 now" syndrome and nothing I do is helping. He is in counseling. Everyone is praying for him. He is failing everything on purpose! He is very disrespectful and does not do a thing I say. I have looked into military schools but they won't take him! How odd is that? They don't want problem children. Isn't that what they are for?? Help! I need more advice!


Tracy said...

I'm so sorry, Venus, that you are having such difficulties with your son. I'm sure it must be as heartbreaking as it is frustrating. I have no personal experience to share, but I can tell you what a friend of mine did when her teen daughter rebelled so strongly. When she did all she knew to do, she finally prayed and told God that she was turning His daughter back over to Him. She said I will always love and pray for her, but she is your daughter more than mine, and this is something only You can handle. And as best as she could she let go. They had a rough couple of years, but the girl came back to the Lord, and her mom, and has turned into a wonderful woman of God who is now a wife and mother herself. Praying for you and sending hugs!

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Thanks Tracy! I have done that also, maybe I just don't know how to let go.