Friday, March 6, 2009

Help I fell off the focus wagon!

A while back I told you God kept telling me to Focus. Now he keeps telling me to read the word. So I got "Focus on reading the word." Every morning I tell myself I am going to start doing just that. I am going to read it more and more on a DAILY basis. You know what? It seems I am reading it less and less. I am starting to notice it is killing my prayer life too. I don't know what is wrong with me lately. It seems I have fallen off the focus train and I just can't seem to get back on. The more I purpose to read the Bible the less I even pick it up. I am reading more and more christian blogs, and articles that have the word in them and I am learning a lot but I am not reading his word, spending time with him. The very thing I need right now I just keep passing by. Has anyone else ever had a season like this? What helped?

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momstheword said...

I don't think there is anything "wrong" with you. We all struggle with finding time in the word. Which is amazing considering how we can find time on the computer, on the phone, to read or watch t.v. and yet for some reason we fall into bed at night and forget to open our Bibles. I'm guilty too, sister!

We need to make it a priority and fortunately, the Lord is more than willing to help us when we ask.

I lead a woman's Bible study and many of the women tell me that the reason they are doing a Bible study is to keep them accountable and in the word.

BTW, their are several online Bible studies out there. I can recommend two that I've heard of (although I haven't done). Email me at if you want the links since I don't know how to do it on a comment.

If you decide not to do the study and want some accountability just email me. I'll be happy to email you every day asking you what you're reading in the word if you want me to, and I'd love to have you email ne and ask me what I'm reading too! Accountability is the key.

BTW, I am putting your little button on my blog if you don't mind!