Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fired up!

I just wanted to share something that just gets me angry and upset at the same time. A dear friend (my adopted sister) has been thinking about becoming a foster mom. I know she would be great at it because she is an awesome mom.

She first looked into a christian organization that was promoted through our church. It turns out they get the worst of the worst, the kids who no one else will take. This would be very hard as she has a 13 year old son still at home. These kids could be violent.

Her next stop just makes me angry. She went to check out another agency and they basically told her she could have a child for 3-6 months or so until they are done with their treatment (I am guessing counseling) then they go back either to their homes or back into the system. BUT the catch is they don't have to do what she tells them! She is not allowed to parent them while they are in her home! She attends church. Therefore her son attends church. Hello, the parent makes the rules right? Nope. The child in her care, that she is feeding, providing shelter and guidance for, has freedom of religion and therefore, she could not make them go to church. They flat out told her that. So gee because these kids have all these freedoms, does this mean they don't have to go to school because they don't want to? All these different groups and organizations have given kids all these rights and have taken away the parents rights and yet they wonder why the world is the way it is! They want to know why eight year olds are killing their parents and why twelve year olds are getting pregnant. Why? Because you told them they could do what they want! I recently found out even though police officers will tell you it is illegal to run away, because the detention centers are so full they can not hold you. They will release the kids back to the parents where they will up and leave again because they want to! The detention centers are full of violent, troubled kids! A boy who was recently picking on my son just got sent there for punching the school police officer. Kids don't have any respect for authority anymore. Gone are the yes ma'am no sir days. And yet, the parents are still the ones who will be sued if their children commit a crime. Ahhh the madness!

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momstheword said...

Yes, they do have freedom of religion so they don't have to go if they don't want to.

When we were foster parents we entered the foster-to-adopt program and our foster son was very young, so this would not have been a problem.

They did tell me that I could homeschool him if I had permission from the state.