Thursday, March 12, 2009

Current Event Thursday


It's Thursday. Today I am joining The Surrendered Scribe to talk about Current Events. Julie always has great things to say so check out her blog. Some weeks I like to jump in and give my opinion on things going on in the world too. A lot of times I stay quiet because I don't want to start any fires, I am after all very opinionated! My blog, my opinion right? Well once again this week I am going to play it safe and just bring something to everyones attention.

I like to watch the show "What would you do?" on ABC. I think it really is trying to bring forth a great message. This last Tuesday I saw a segment so heartbreaking I just started to cry. It was called Aiding the Fallen. They took a well dressed woman, had her walk down the street, then suddenly just fall down to see if anyone passing by would help her. I think they said she was helped within 6 seconds almost every time even though sadly, some people still walked right by her laying in the street!

They then took a man who appeared to be homeless and had him do the same thing. The result was drastically different. It took an average of 3 minutes for people to help him. What really made me cry, was a homeless woman Linda Hamilton did stop to help him. It showed her standing there asking people who passed by to please call an ambulance for him. She had no cell phone to help him. It was so heartbreaking to see people still walk by and not only ignore the man on the street but 26 people walked by and ignored her too!! You can watch the segment with the above link if you don't watch the show.

In a NY hospital waiting room last year everyone ignored a woman who passed out for 45 minutes!! She died as a result. In a hospital waiting room!! This is insane! She was in the most perfect place to pass out, or so one would think.

The fact that people can be so inhumane just floors me. We treat animals better than we do each other. Okay here is where I can really get on my soapbox so I will wrap this up. Most of us carry cell phones today. I don't think it is too much to ask everyone to dial 911 if they see someone who needs help. Even if you are not sure it is better to be over cautious than to just do nothing.


Tracy said...

That is very sad, Venus, but I'm sorry to say, somewhat predictable. Unfortunately, in our society today, appearances do matter - and it reflects in the way humanity is viewed and treated. What a shame! Thanks for bringing this up and for sharing.

The Surrendered Scribe said...

Excellent post, and I agree. It's so sad and yet happens all the time. Some of the brightest gems I believe have a rough exterior and shame on us if we never take the time.

Looking forward to more of these great posts of yours!