Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I believe the end is near....

"God may give us what we deserve (as a Nation) instead of what we ask for". No matter who wins this election, GOD is still on the Throne and in complete control of all things. There is NO power given to any man that isn't extended to him from the Creator of all things (whether he acknowledges it or not)!

This is true.

No I am not a chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling type person but I think osama rising to power on January 20th to take over the last great nation is a last straw if you will. We have now voted in evil. Soon it will be legal to kill babies just because. But yet we go to jail for kicking a dog.?? There are also some hush hush talks behind political closed doors to make abortion legal even in the first 30 days after a baby is born. So what, will they put them down like they do animals? Of course this is not brought out because no one would believe it. But yes obama will make it so. It will also be ok for gay people to get married. The one institution God made to create the family will now be made a mockery. The talks about one world money have already started. Yes it was a historical election. Never before have I seen every single Christian so scared of the outcome and so many millions blinded to the real issues. America was founded on Christianity. Now he will want to what make us muslims?
The bible says there will be peace so no one will be expecting him. Does this mean it will happen before he rises to power?? I can't imagine him doing anything peaceful. Hmmm... I am interested to hear everyone's opinion.
I only hope the rapture happens before I have to see too much of what he will do. And I pray I am not left behind.

Oh! I thought it was so appropriate that it was raining this morning. And I was thinking to myself yes heaven is crying because most of the country is so lost. My 9 year old daughter thought the very same thing but she voiced it. She said look mom the angels are crying too. Wow! I love my kids :)


Sally said...

Hi Venus,
This election was pretty rough on alot of us. 4 days as the dust settles it's a little easier to accept the outcome of the election.
What amazes me most is the people voted in a man they knew nothing about. Now that it's over even the news media is making comments.
During his inauguration speech the commentator said, "We virtually no nothing about him. But the people love him." And then they panned the mesmerized, starry eyed, swooney teary eyed crowd.
But you know what? God knows him. And you know what's even better? He knows and loves us.
My daughter and I have been knee deep in this election. Reading, researching, reading more. The results were devastating for us.
Now that it's over we've had to regroup. Re-align ourselves to more grounded, secure truths. Here is what my daughter wrote yesterday:
We've taken most of the political blogs off our readers because some people are still hanging on to all the things that scare them and are becoming more critical than I want to be around. Some of the talk was really starting to terrify me and it was time to turn it off and tune in to GOD'S PLAN. I've said all along, no matter what the outcome, our God is still on the throne and we don't' know or understand his ways so we trust, pray and study. Learn what the Word says, revitalize ourselves by His truth and instruction for us day by day.
We know several people who truly believe that Obama will accomplish alot of good. We're just hoping that all our fears about him are proven wrong.
And I'll close with this. I remember in 1992 when the Clinton's were going for the White House, and made it. I called my mom crying. I was SO scared they were going to destroy the country that I loved. I was so scared of so many awful things I knew about them. There were conspiracy books about Hillary Clinton, "Big Sister is Watching" or something like that. I thought we were doomed and I thought they were going to hand our country over to satan on a silver platter. We had 8 years of the Clinton's. Alot of things happened that weren't good, abortion issues, taxes, other stuff I don't even remember now. But it wasn't anything like I feared. I believe our government is way too big to allow the extreme's of our fears to become realities. I also believe there are alot of extreme events Obama is walking into that are going to consume him in a huge way. Remember, he's on on the job training. That leaves alot of room for the power of prayer. And that's our job.
Don't be discouraged. We know Who is really in charge. I'm diving back into Character Makeover and learn how to be the Christian woman my Lord wants me to be. And you know what? I don't even know you and it's because of you my daughter and I started on this journey together.
Thank you, and we're walking side by side with you on this journey, day by day.

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Thanks Sally you're awesome. I will check out the blog!

Today's Christian Mom~ said...
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Sally said...

I must've been tired. Not his inauguration speech, I meant to say his acceptance speech. Don't want to jump the gun anymore than it's already been.
I hope you're doing better today. I've been thinking about you.