Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 27 Envy; Exposing your inner Veruca Salt

Contentment Day 2:
Oh yeah another voice in my head!! I had no idea who they were talking about in todays title. I had to read she is the girl in Willie Wonka who wants it all. Oooooo Ok now I know who she is. And yup she has her spot in my head too. And my my she is a vocal little gal! She is a self centered little girl who is never satisfied. I like to think I am not self centered anymore but there are times I don't feel satisfied.

Envy's favorite sport; The comparison game
Do you ever play?
"I don't have what she has and that's not fair!"
Oh yeah, you've played!

Envy's Bumper Sticker; It's All About Me
The cure for it's all about me disease is love others.
Envy is inward focused. Love is outward focused.

Envy's Theme Song; I want it all
(now how many of you started singing the tv commercial?)
Today's example was called The Dog and the Shadow. Basically a dog was crossing a stream with meat in his mouth. He looks down and sees his reflection but thinks it is another dog. He decides he wants the meat the other dog has too. As he opens his mouth to snap at the other dog, the meat he has in his own mouth falls into the water. Moral; if you covet all you may lose all.
W O W!
Eve had everything but God's knowledge of evil. She traded Eden for that. Gee, she made a bad deal.

The lesson for today is to remember God can give you everything you want. If he chooses not to, there is a reason.

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