Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 26 Thanking God

Contentment Day 1
First I want to say I am still not feeling well and I missed a few reading nights but I want to post my thoughts on the last couple days quickly. Today we tackled the number one question: Why is contentment so elusive?? I have been wondering that myself for so long and I have felt really guilty about wanting more. I have Jesus so why would I want anything else?? Right? I do admit I use to want to be beautiful but now that is not even in my top 10 anymore. I get caught up in the whole, "Well God wants his people to be blessed doesn't he?"
Then I have to remind myself that my children are healthy. No diseases, no disabilities. They are protected which is better than a nicer house. That is my thankfulness. I just need to work on it more than I do. For instance, today I am thankful I know Jesus at all. I watched millions on tv last night that don't know him at all.
God knows my pain and he knows my needs.God is a pain healer and a need meeter. He has been faithful to take care of me in the past. He will take care of my todays. He will keep his promises in my tomorrows.

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