Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 6 Faith In God

Confidence Day 1

So week one (5 days) was about humility. Week two is confidence. Sociologists say your self esteem is based on what we believe the most important person in our lives thinks about us. If you are looking for another person to give you your confidence or self esteem what happens when they give you a negative message?
If you are looking to God for your self esteem you will know NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS EVEN YOU- you are worthwhile, lovable, acceptable, desirable, AND forgivable!

Does anyone else post a lot for their own benefit? This is an area where I think I am still very much in the world and have a long way to go.

I have never read the story of Deborah in the Bible (Judges) but I will now. How amazing was she?! Having God confidence is so much more than how pretty you are to everyone. The lesson listed several important qualities of a confident person:
Problem solver
risk taker
realistic about strengths
knowing purpose
awareness of not being qualified
I like to think I am pretty strong in the first 4, and I have been working on the purpose one a lot lately, not being a people pleaser and conformist. It has cost me some friends but I am confident that God's word is true. In fact this has been something I have been working thru the last couple of months because of the election. I have been debating a good friend as he supports the other candidate and it has come down to my bottom line and he claims to believe in God but wants to pick and choose what is true in the Bible. It is driving me crazy but I have been meeting him point for point and I KNOW God is talking thru me because I might have given up by now.
When I took the confidence test it was almost even, 8 to 5. The journal questions made me laugh because once again God showed me all is in his time. He put this book in front of me at just the right time! Lately my confidence in my abilities to do what I need to for my kids has been shaky. I was not listening to God so he had to allow me to get backed into a corner so I had no choice but to put my trust in him and OF COURSE he is now leading me out of the situation. He did go ahead of me in my battle and he waited for me until I got there.
How can I not have confidence in him when he proves himself to me over and over..........and over again.

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