Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 4 Your Humility Coach

Today reminded us it is hard to work on humility because the more you focus on humility, the more you focus on yourself, which brings us back to pride. So we need to focus on increasing our vision of God. The more we see him the less we see ourselves.


We went on to do some exercises to see how God conscious you are. I learned I have a long way to go in increasing God and decreasing myself on a day to day basis in everything I do. But the most exciting thing after reading this: I have been stuck in prayer over a few things and I have not felt like I have been hearing from God on it at all and after today MY ANSWER WAS AS CLEAR AS CAN BE!!!
I was just bouncing off the walls with excitement! I have been making excuses on somethings when it came to obedience because of the hurt it would cause. Very long story here but DUH!!! He just revealed himself to me during this exercise and I could hear him say "Here is your answer." WOOOHOOO!!

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