Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm back! Well kind of....

Not only did I quit my column I forgot about my poor little blog! If I didn't have face book on my phone I would really feel out of the loop! I hope you all are well. I just have the most amazing praise report I want to share.

I have been wanting to buy a house for about a year now but the timing was never right. Well I met some wonderful agents through my church and after talking to them about it decided I should start looking. Well easier said than done when you have two or three income taste on a one income budget.

I looked for what seemed like FOREVER. Of course everything that had 1. what I wanted and 2. what I could afford was either a short sale or bank owned. This meant if they did not have a bank negotiator in place the houses are sitting on the market for months some even a year. Well I had to get this done by April 30Th to get the rebate so I didn't have that kind of time!

Making a long story short, I wanted at least 4 bedrooms because I would much rather have an office than my mail all over the kitchen table. And I wanted at least 2.5 bathrooms so if I have company over they don't see Dominic's clothes all over the floor! Fast forward to April. Not finding anything within my price range with all the things I wanted. OH! And I REALLY wanted a laundry room because now the washer/dryer are in the garage and it drives me crazy!

Anyway, so for times sake, I started settling. I started putting in offers on 3 bedroom, two bath homes. Not really what I wanted. My prayer always was this:
"God, if this is not where you want us, if the kids won't be safe here alone, or if we won't be safe at night while we sleep, please stop this offer." Well He stopped 5 offers! I know God always comes through, in His time. So I was getting ok with the idea we might not move after all.

Until two weeks ago. A house bigger and better than anything I would have thought for us came on the market. A FIVE bedroom, THREE bath, foreclosure in my price range became available. AND there is nothing wrong with it! AND it has refrigerated air which is something I have always wanted. Not only did God say "No, you don't have to settle." but He blessed us not only with everything I wanted, but everything my little Sierra wanted too. She wanted stairs and a kitchen island (no idea why).

Delayed is not denied. God is so good it takes your breath away!

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