Monday, June 1, 2009

Random thoughts

Happy June everyone!

Well just to throw out there what I think about a lot, cuz I've got nothin else to talk about.... I think about the rapture and how much time we have A LOT. I just wonder how financially responsible I have to be. HA HA yes I am serious. I know His return is near. I just don't know how near. I am such a planner to a fault. I really do try to let that go. But I was always a saver. Now I sit on the fence. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I mean we could have 2 months or 2 years left. So I know God will always take care of us but I also know I can't be an idiot either and spend every dime I have then wake up one day and go now what. HA HA hmm just some random lunch time thoughts.


The Wethington's said...

I know what you mean. I've been thinking about this a lot as well. I start to feel really sick about it. I mean what's the point in working so hard to pay a house payment when what I really want to be doing is staying at home doing nothing but holding my kids tight. I'm scared. I want to see my children grow up. I want to be a grandmother. I want to see my kids become grandparents. I want them to experience every joy there is. I want them to grow old. I'm not ready for this at all. I'm scared. But...on the other hand what if I don't work and then we lose our house and we are homeless for years and years? It is hard. There's no right answer. Just keeping living for God and for your kids. That's all I can think of.

Tracy said...

Random thoughts, indeed! Glad to see I'm not the only one. Blessings!

Miss Charlene said...

We definitely need to be watched and to be like the servant who is prepared for his master to come at literally any moment. Although, after much studying, I am convinced the only rapture that comes is at the very end. Matthew 24 is terrific to start with!

Anonymous said...

No one knows but I live every day as if it was my last... okay almost, I don't splurge all of my money and go jumping off the plane ;)

With how bad the world is becoming, I find myself whispering to the Lord.. "please rapture me after my shower, it'd be embarrassing to be taken without my clothes on!" :) don't wanna traumatize the Lord you know?