Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do all Dogs Go To Heaven?

So I just read the cutest little article on the Internet cafe about cats going to heaven. This is something I think about a lot too because I hear it debated a lot. Some people say animals don't have souls and therefore will not go to heaven. Others say all creation praises his name so in the end they will. Why would God create animals that show us such love then not take them with us? I think this is such an interesting topic and would love to hear your thoughts and be pointed to scripture about it.
(this is a pic of my friends dog enjoying her last sunset before she passed on)


Tracy said...

Hi Venus! I have to say I am very far on the animals, especially our pets (though not snakes). I cannot imagine God allowing such love to exist between fur-babies and human families if that's all there is. And then there is Ecc. 3:19-21... Blessings!

Martha said...

I wonder the same thing, in fact.. I even dreamed about my cat last night (passed away a few years ago) and I found myself hoping I would cuddle with her in heaven.

I do know there will be creatures in Heaven but I have no idea if it will be our pets... I guess we'll find out soon!

Miss Charlene said...

I'm not even sure! Once I read an animal ghost story book and how people reported seeing animal spirits. Interesting.. but it only says God breathed life and soul into man in Genesis. Who knows? I think anything's possible!