Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Happy almost there day! Almost to another weekend that goes by way too quickly. How do we go about making it nationally mandatory to have a 3 day weekend? Just one of the things I intend to work on when I'm in charge!

Finally back on to write a little bit. I am lost yet again. I am losing focus, feeling unfulfilled, and dwelling on the how comes in life. Every time I sit down to read I get interrupted. (Yes I still have yet to read more than 4 stories in the Women of Passions book I was so blessed to win.) I know it is because I have fallen out of the word lately. And, I seriously don't think I sleep in my sleep. I wake up a lot. I have so much going on and I just want God to come and wisk it all away... at once! I feel like I've been called but not really sure for what. I feel like I have reported for duty but have yet to be equipped with what I need.

I need lessons in letting go. Can anyone teach me how to really do that with things? Not try to take them back once I have "handed" them over to God? I don't know how to Just Do it!

Then every time I get on here I find another wonderful blog to read (Martha) ;) on top of all the great ones I already read and I just want to sit and get lost in them.

Prayers for peace and a revelation would be much appreciated.

I hope you are all doing well.


Martha said...

Aw, you are too precious beyond words!! :) I am thankful I stumbled (err, I mean googled) across your blog and I know we met on purpose :)

You're not alone and I need to learn how to 'let go' of certain things, so lets find out together. First place to start? The Bible!! :) Keep us updated toots, I'm keeping us in my prayers!

Tracy said...

This is precisely why my year's verse theme is stay the course! I too can easily get distracted, off course and completely turned around. I wish I could tell you how to let go and not grab back - if I could tell you, I'd know myself. Instead, I'll just send you cyber-hugs and prayers. Blessings, Venus!

Miss Charlene said...

Keep at it, practice, practice. It'll all come together. Just refocus and find your priorities, also be reasonable and start off with just a few. Life happens, and when it does, everything's a whirlwind! Every day is a new day, and a new start.

I enjoy your comments on my blog! I wanted to reply to the question you asked me about how someone can know if she found the 'one.'

I like this quote,

“Chase God with all your heart and at some point you will realize that a man who has entered your life is running with you, stride for stride, in the same pursuit. That's the man you'll marry."