Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serving others

This is the weekly "Just a thought" that our pastor sends out. I thought I would share this one.

Serving or helping others is something our society has lost. Our society is quickly moving more and more towards socialism. The government basically runs everything and is in charge of everything. Today, the desire to be helped far surpasses the desire to help. We now have a generation that is more than willing to put their trust in an institution that creates a sense of dependency.

Statistics show that more than one out of 10 people over the age of 18 are treated for depression. Pre-schoolers are the fastest growing market for anti-depressant drugs. Why is that? Maybe because we are so focused on our problems, our needs, and our wants that it becomes emotionally unhealthy. What we should be doing is helping and serving others, which, in our day, seems to have been lost. We, as a society, are so willing to give up freedom because the desire to be taken care of outweighs the desire to care for others.

If we want to be healthier, maybe we should try giving some of our time in helping someone who is a little less fortunate than ourselves. Or, we can serve others in some capacity. There are so many things you can volunteer your time to: places like homeless shelters, or, if you have kids in sports, be the coach or team mom. Community centers offer you expert advice on how to assist someone else. Churches have so many opportunities to serve. Let’s focus on others and maybe, just maybe, we would have a sense of fulfillment instead of self-indulgence.

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Mary Moss said...

This is a great post and wonderful advice. One very easy thing I do is tutor a little boy 1 morning a week before I go to work. He has trouble with his reading and I help him out.

It's a wonderful experience and does allow me to focus on someone else:-)