Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just gotta brag!

Ok so I just have to brag on my daughter today. She is so cute and sweet! Yesterday they did not have school so she came to work with me. In our morning rush she just grabbed her whole box of nature valley granola bars to bring with her for snack instead of grabbing a bar or two. Then because she believes our car is her second bedroom, she left the box in the car overnight.

Today, she has early release day. So I had to go pick her up and bring her to work with me again. She gets in the car and she announces she hopes she sees someone on the side of the road who has a hungry sign because she has a granola bar to give them.

Sure enough, pulling off the interstate on my exit I can see someone up ahead. I told her to get ready but then I told her oh no the light is green, I may not be able to stop. Well don't ya know the light turned red, I was the first car to stop at the light right where he was. We rolled down her window (after she locked her door for safety) and she handed the man a granola bar. His sign did say hungry. He told her God bless you. We both felt pretty good!
Oh yeah did I mention she is 9?!


Tracy said...

Thank you, Venus, for sharing this with us! What a sweet and precious little girl you have! You've made me feel all warm & fuzzy! Blessings!

The Wethington's said...

Ah I love her so much. I really do wish we lived closer so I could have my niece and nephew more often. Maybe the next long weekend they have they'd like to come stay with their awesome aunt?!?

Chris said...

hello! she is so adorable!

by the way, i like the songs you have on your playlist!

i also added your button to my site so i can regularly visit you. check it out at my site