Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

So I have had this on my blog for a while now asking you all to see this. It seems every time I wanted to sit down and watch it, something else came up. I finally got to watch it this weekend and was going to blog about it yesterday but I got so freaked out over the whole Babylon thing I decided that was more important.

Anyway~ in this Ben Stein goes on a quest if you will because he just can't believe the injustices that are happening in this "free" country. We are suppose to be free to worship here. He found out our freedoms are being taken away quietly and slowly so that one day we will just wake up and they will be gone.
There are several scientists and teachers who have been fired for even suggesting there is a God. Not even really coming out and saying there IS a God but just by suggesting it! We all know Darwin even admits he had no idea how the earth started. He just took what was already there and started thinking we all evolved somehow from one species.


Sorry~ but again as I have said before it seems colleges are so determined to brainwash people into darwinism. Even though I was not raised a christian really I never even for a second would have given any time to the thought we came from anything other than a creator. I just don't see how those people can not see the miracle of every eyelash, skin cell, blood cell, the brain, and think it all just happened by accident!
Ok I am going to stop ranting about the way the world is now. It has been foretold. This is a very interesting documentary.

After posting this, I came across a related article on One News Now:
A government-funded website in California is promoting harmony between religion and evolution. Christians have filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court against the website.

According to a Pacific Justice Institute press release, the website is urging public school teachers to "challenge [their] students' religious beliefs that evolution contradicts their faith." Lower courts have sided with the schools so far, according to PJI attorney Brad Dacus, who is taking the case to the nation's high court.

"[This lawsuit comes] after unsuccessfully stopping the University of California-Berkeley from continuing a program that is all about training teachers to undermine children with traditional religious beliefs about creation, and instead actually persuading them theologically why evolution is correct," he explains.

Dacus believes the state of California is funding a campaign against religion. "This lawsuit is all about funding a program that is outright anti-religious -- and that is a clear violation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause as well as the free exercise of religion," he points out.

The Christian attorney suggests if the university was funding a program encouraging teachers to teach the validity of creationism, there would have been an immediate order to cease. Dacus adds that the government should not decree that some religious views are better than others.

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The Wethington's said...

Here's my compromised theory. I don't think we came from monkeys...but maybe just maybe Adam and Eve kinda looked like monkeys and then slowly God improved on our "design" until we were what we are? I don't know that's the only thing I can think of to include both science and God...though I really have a hard time believing we ever looked similar to monkeys.