Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Israel and Hamas

A media watchdog organization says no one should be surprised that media coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists has been overwhelmingly pro-Hamas.

In his first public comments on the conflict since Israel launched a ground offensive over the weekend, President George Bush recently said the Jewish nation is justified in protecting itself against Hamas terrorists. He told reporters that the situation "was caused by Hamas."

The mainstream media, however, continues to point out the civilian casualties inflicted upon the Palestinians in Gaza while ignoring stories about Israeli casualties at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, argues that liberal media outlets portray Israel as the "bully" in the conflict.

"You can see the bias in the way they present the deaths," he offers. "For example, on the front page of the Washington Post you saw this story about a [Palestinian] man who lost five of his daughters in a missile attack -- and that's very heart rending.

"[But] on the other hand, when Israelis lose brothers and sisters and mothers and children in Hamas attacks, they're not [considered to be] newsworthy. Why? Because apparently the numbers aren't quite as impressive."

Graham says the incursions of Hamas missiles have been portrayed by the media as almost harmless attacks because, in comparison, they are not very deadly.

No I am not surprised by this following the way the media was hypnotized by obama but it still just irks me. And yes I know we are in the end times of the fallen world and they make evil seem good and the Bible says everyone will come against Israel but just wanted to throw a random rant out there.

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Tracy said...

Great post! Yes, it tears my heart out when I see the pics of the casualties, especially the children, but unlike the majority, I'm angry with Hamas for perpetuating the confict and for putting the civilians in harms way, not Israel for defending itself! Thanks for posting this. Blessings!