Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 35 Steps To Generosity

Generosity Day 5:
Here already. Today we make a generosity action plan. I already donate so that step is already taken care of. My challenge will be affirming my possessions are not my own so I will not hoard them. I think I shared in a previous post how hard it is to share food with all the teenage boys in the neighborhood when money is tight. Isn't food one of the most important things I should share?!
I tithe, check!
I will purpose to give additional gifts above and beyond my tithes. I will give more of my time to my family and friends.
I will pray for my kids when they are troublesome to me. I will give them my mercy and forgiveness even if they do not deserve it because I do not deserve many of the generous gifts God gives to me!

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The Wethington's said...

well how does it feel to have a 14 year old? it is so crazy! I remember being 14 and it doesn't feel that long ago. that's how old I was when I started dating tarren. its crazy to see Dominic growing up that fast!