Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Soap Box

Well I forgot my character makeover book at home (yes I am at work) so no blogging about that today but I just have to jump on my soap box for a minute;
There must be something going on there because how else could everyone be so mesmerized by him?
Can I just say, if you hate America so much, if you hate having running water, electricity, and an abundance of food every day, if you hate being free and really want government to tell you what to do, if you want to be ruled by a communist you are still free to leave the country. There are plenty of places willing to accommodate you.
If you really want your hard earned money to go to others too lazy to work or to places that perform abortions you are free to give it to them but why should I have to??
We are the greatest nation right now but are about to give it up. Why do you think we have such a big immigration problem? People love coming to America! Why do Americans seem to have so many complaints?!


Sally said...

I've said the same thing for years. I'd even buy the plane ticket. I believe the media is at fault. They pick and choose who they're going to protect and who they're going to find all the dirt in the world on and expose every last thread of their life.
Ultimately, it's the American citizen's fault for falling under the zombie like spell and letting them get away with it.
I just don't understand and have alot of the same questions you do. One big one is how can people NOT care with so much information coming out now.
BTW, my name is Sally. I found your blog on a rabbit trail of blogs, I can't even remember what I was following or looking for. What I found was Character Makeover. I ordered the book after reading your journal following each chapter. I also ordered my daughter the book and her and I are doing the study together. We're behind you, we're up to day 5, Part 2. It's an excellent study and something that's been really hard, but healthy for us. So far our favorite part of the study is Deborah. Does she remind you of someone? Isn't it odd that the military commander's name was Barak and he was such a chicken?
After all the deception, cover up, arrogance, etc. of this election the story of Deborah was so encouraging. Talk about Godly timing.
Thank you for sharing your journal and allowing us to be a part of this study with you. There are some parts that are harder for us to understand what they're looking for and we've been able to come into your blog and get some lead in direction.
Nice to meet you Christian Mom.
(Also a Christian Mom in Missouri)

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Hi Sally~ your profile is private so I can't comment on your page but I am so happy you are hear and I am so excited you are doing the makeover too!! It is easier to do it with someone else especially since you may uncover things about yourseld that would make you want to quit. A lot of our ladies are doing the study and there is a discussion area there too.

Tilly said...

Remember in Left Behind where people became so mesmerized by Nicolae Carpathia? Do you ever think maybe just maybe Obama is the anti-christ? This is Brandi by the way. My moms signed in and it's too much work for my lazy bum to sign her out and then sign me in. lol ;)