Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 18 How to Reduce Stress

Self Control Day 3:
This title alone may have gotten me to read the book. I learned however that stress is just too much of something. Stress can lead to anxiety but stressed out people are just overloaded not necessarily worried about it. Hmm so really I am not stressed at all, I'm anxious. Helps to know that.
The top 10 De-Stressors:
1. Don't add to your stress, start eliminating
do you try to do the work of more than one person?
2. Remove some stress by delegating
that's why children have chores right!?
3. Release your stress by rejuvenating
daily rest by sleeping well, weekly rest by taking a Sabbath
4. Refocus on your passion when stress is escalating
remember who you love and what you're passionate about
5. Don't avoid your stress, it will wait for you
avoiding the problem does not make it go away
6. Don't increase your stress by exaggerating
it takes self control to resist overreacting
(oh my gosh that's me)
7. Prioritize and Evaluate
don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed

And to get 8,9, and 10 you have to read the book! They are the most important steps, I think. Remember Jesus cares for you and your stress level.

It takes self control to resist becoming overanxious.

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