Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 23: How to slow down

Patience Day 3
For those of you not doing the study yet, I just have to say today was right on about the language of our lifestyle.
We LEAP out of bed, ZIP in and out of the shower, GULP down breakfast, RUSH to work, HUSTLE & GET CRACKIN on assignments, RACE home in RUSH hour traffic, THROW dinner together, RUN through everyone's day, SCRAMBLE through the rest of the evening before we FALL into bed.
After reading that I felt like she had a camera in my purse! Then we read a tragic story of a fellow multi-tasker who was trying to do too much and ended up getting burned, literally.
But isn't multi-tasking what we as women do?!

OOh then there was a section that has helped me so much called Jumping The Gun. It is about making impulsive decisions that you regret. This is what we do when delays are making us nervous or the decision is not clear. We get antsy and feel like we should make something happen. out of this section I got my new catch phrase:
" Don't just do something; stand there!"
Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret."
Psalm 37:7

This has helped me so much in my current situation. If you don't have peace about a decision, pause, ponder, and pray. When there is confusion, wait. Clarity will come out of the chaos.

We also learned we need to quit indulging our pet peeves. Mine are:
*dirty dishes in the sink
*messy kids rooms
*people who turn without their blinkers....

The secret to not indulging them and not using up all your patience before lunch is to learn to let go of your agenda, your preferences, and your expectations.

Oh boy! Pray for me!

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