Thursday, September 4, 2008

~Cafe Chat~ Friendships:

Topic for August 2, 2008:

What is one thing that you absolutely love about friendships? Why? On the other side, what is one thing that you find absolutely difficult when it comes to friendships? Why?

The number one thing I love about friendships is of course talking! There are just some things you just don't or can't talk about with your husband, kids, or family. When your brain is swirling around either with excitement, or worry sometimes you need a friend to calm you down and help you see things that are so crystal clear to everyone but you in that moment or maybe you need someone to dance around with you in joy. Most hubbys are not gonna do the happy dance with you when the family dinner you have been stressing over for a week comes off without a hitch.

On the flipside my number one difficulty with friends now that I am saved is the heartache I feel for the ones who do not believe they need to be saved. I love these people! I want them to all make it to heaven. I am just now coming to the point where I can feel myself pulling away from those friends and not hanging out as much because we have less and less in common. It is sad. A lot of these people have been my friends for more than 20 years and it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday..... did anyone else notice the Boyz to Men song I just busted into?
.................................You have created us to live in community,O God of love;bless our friends who provide us with the grace and love of an extended family. Endow them with the riches of your blessings:good health, sight, and mobility,that they may enjoy the wonders of your creation and share their delight with others.Bless them with keen minds and compassionate hearts that they may create a better life for all.Guard them from injustice, oppression, and evil that they may know freedom and hope lifelong.In their waking and in their sleeping,in their laughter and in their tears,surround them with your love until the end of their days;and so bring them to eternal life in peace.Through Jesus Christ, our Savior.Amen.
...............................................Vienna Cobb Anderson

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