Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Search .com

I want to spread the word in case you are not already aware of Good

They are just like Google. You use them as your search engine and you pick your charity that you want them to donate to. Every time you use them, they send .01 (yes a penny) to your charity. I know that does not sound like much but I know I do about 50 searches a week so that comes out to $26 extra raised for St. Jude Children's hospital per year for something I do anyway. Year to date St. Jude's has raised $1,867.12.

They have a list of charities to choose from. Check them out!

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The Wethington's said...

We talked to our realty lady and she said the best time to buy is going to be in Nov. Dec. Jan. and Feb. because prices are going to continue to fall into this winter and during the cold months sellers are more willing to negotiate because there are less offers coming in during the cold if you can do it then...go for it!