Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Busy~

Yesterday was such a busy day that I did not even get a chance to write. I am the accountant for our soccer team and uniform orders were due yesterday. I had to track down a parent who is in Vegas, because he had not sent me the money all month~ then I had to go pick up the money he sent me via western union, to back to my house and pick up the last check in the mail and get to the bank by 3 to make the deposit before the uniform company swiped the credit card! And I didn't leave work til 2:25. However while I was driving yesterday I passed a day care, and all of a sudden I just felt so grateful that God put people on the earth who LOVE to care for other people. I am not one of those. God bless the daycare workers who put up with other peoples screaming toddlers and change their diapers! God bless the nurses who do awful jobs everyday! God bless the people who care for the elderly! And God bless the teachers all over the world! I can barely put up with my teens attitude I can't imagine a room full of em!

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