Friday, July 25, 2008

Give Me Strength!

OH dear. Am I reading my own post from yesterday right now. My son is 13. Can I stop there? Enough said? He makes me ~CRAZY~ I really don't think I can take much more of the attitude. I want to give up, let someone else raise them while I go off to a tropical island for a few years. I know I know I guess I am just rambling. I read the post on Internet Cafe Devotions today "Do you really trust God?" I think I do. I guess we all think we do. So then why can't I stop worrying that he will protect them and I really don't need to sweat the small stuff? My kids will eventually grow out of their bad attitudes and follow God right? ...Right!... Really? There is so much evil, disease, and sadness in the world how can we really be sure? How do we keep them safe til then? Does anyone know some good scriptures they can share that has helped them in this area that you can share? Matthew 17:20 tells me "You don't have enough faith."
How do I fix that?
Right now I am not sure but I think I will start with ice cream.

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