Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Election Year

Ok we just have to talk about it. I have always wondered why people say never never never talk about religion,politics, or money. The older I got the more I understood why. It is because we are cowards. Yup I said it. Most of us are too chicken to stand for what we believe in for ALL audiences. It seems we have different "me" suits we put on depending on the crowd we are going to be with that day. I admit I am guilty too. I have friends I would like to keep as friends and because I know enough about their beliefs I usually keep my mouth shut. Kind of like the whole "Who will you forward this email to?" type thing. My thing is a lack of knowledge. I do not know the bible well enough to be able to debate it and back up my point if you will. However this year, it is more plain to me than ever of how blind the majority of America is toward world truths and our candidates. No one wants to do their homework, they just want to go off the cliff notes the tv gives them. They don't seem to care who is writing up the cheat sheet and if the country fails the test in November the results will be devastating. I think we have gotten too wrapped up in Democrat/Republican to have intelligent talks about voting our values. One of my friends boldly told me a few weeks ago that The Rev Billy Graham is a democrat. Yes he is. So? He still votes his values. My hope is just that people will do a little more homework before they hit the polls this year. Dig a little bit more, don't just scratch the surface.

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Jennifer said...

I am really not afraid to tell you who I am voting for this Nov. I am an independant and I will be voting for John Mcain. Obama believes in killing babies. Enough said.