Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dream Center

Last night our guest speaker was Pastor Tommy Barnett founder of The Dream Center.

This is such an amazing place and all that they do is just inspiring. They take in runaways who come to L.A. and fall into either gangs,drugs, or prostitution and show them the love of Jesus Christ. They also help the many stricken by poverty there. You just have to visit their site to see all that they do! Pastor Barnett's son Matthew is the senior pastor there as Pastor Barnett is the senior pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God, in Phoenix, Arizona.
Here is a piece of their mission statement to tell you a little about them. Check out their site!

The Dream Center is a non-profit outreach dedicated to helping inner-cities. Our ministry provides hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs.

We provide food, clothing, shelter, life rehabilitation, education and job training, Biblical training and much more through our 273 ministries and outreaches. We reach thousands of hurting and needy children, families and adults across all races and cultures each week.

The Dream Center strives to help solve moral decay, crime, drugs, gangs, homelessness and poverty epidemics that exist in our nation’s inner-cities. The vision of the Dream Center is to see thousands of hurting people come to know a new life through the efforts of our staff, volunteers, and recently rehabilitated individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed.

I am so proud to be part of a church who supports something as wonderful as this.

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a place I would LOVE to volunteer one day!!!