Wednesday, September 16, 2009

License to have children

So random thought: I just wonder why you have to have a license to drive, to get married, to hunt, even to fish but anyone can have kids!
I realize all the politics involved in taking away someones rights to have children. Really, it would only be suspending their rights until they are proven fit (mentally, financially stable).
But seriously:

Police: Mother Stabbed 2 Young Daughters, Herself at Their Home

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WESTMINSTER, Calif. — Police say they suspect a mother stabbed her two young daughters and then herself at an Orange County home.
Commander Bill Lewis says 911 calls sent officers to the home shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday in Westminster and found a woman and her two daughters, ages 3 and 5, had been stabbed.
All three were hospitalized. Lewis says one of the daughters is in critical condition while the injuries of the mother and the other girl are not considered life-threatening.
Lewis says several knives were recovered from the home.
There's no immediate word on what might have prompted the attack.,2933,550801,00.html?test=latestnews

Just the latest in MANY! License to have children...I'm just sayin!


The Wethington's said...

I you notice how these stories about moms hurting their children and themselves always happen really early in the morning? Sleep deprivation? I'd say if you get that desperate hire someone to come in for 2 hours so you can take a nap! There's a lot of church programs that take kids during the day so why not sign up for one of those? Anything besides hurting your children! To get a license they should put you in a 10x10 room for a week and not let you shower and when you have to pee you have to take a doll with you that cries the whole time...and at night it keeps you awake for hours on end and during the day you have two of them fighting all day long. If you can keep your cool for a week and still want to have kids then you can have your license. Something tells me very few people would have a license to breed.

Lauryn Abbott said...

Wow, you're on my soapbox! Just because you can breed doesn't mean you should. It is infuriating to me. Just last week, there was a 3 week old baby girl who was "abused" by her father with multiple skull fractures, bone fractures and sexual assault. 3 WEEKS OLD!!! That kind of evil can't be rehabilitated! Mercifully, she went back to her Father in heaven and will never have to suffer here on earth again. I hold the mother just as responsible even if it did happen while she was sleeping. Any kind of woman who hooks up with a guy that evil should be just as responsible for anything that happens around them!

Such tragedy. And I keep having miscarriages! Once again, life is not fair.

Today's Christian Mom~ said...

Good point Miss Brandi~ Baby bootcamp!

No life is not fair! LOVE YOU GIRL!! HUGS HUGS!