Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

OK so I have to go there. I just wanted to say his passing is sad. Yes he was a very talented person. He was also very tormented. I like to believe the best in people. I always liked to think he was just a big kid and did not do the things he was accused of. I always like to think he was a target because they would pay families millions just to make it go away and a lot of people knew that. He worked from the time he was probably 3 or 4 in training to be the star he emerged to be at what 6?! He did not have a childhood. Heck I know guys who have not grown up and did not work as kids or have all that pressure on them! He was the star. He was the bread and butter of the family probably. Can you imagine that pressure on a 6 year old??? Plus there had to be resentment toward him from his older brothers. Then there is the rumor he changed his face because he did not want to look like his dad. His mother confirmed his fathers bad treatment to Michael years ago. Only God knew his private torment, his heart, and the truth. I think his fame destroyed him. He had talked early on how alone he was and he could not relate to real people. Now they are looking for the doctor who lived with him, as it is said he injected him with something before his heart stopped. There were so many around him more interested in enabling his problems than trying to help him with them. Then despite making so much money they are now saying he could have been 400 MILLION in debt! How does one person handle that?
Remember all these things when you think stars have it all. Are they selling their souls for it? I pray for his kids. Who knows where or with whom they will end up.


The Wethington's said...

I agree. I've always liked his music and hoped very much that he didn't do any of that stuff they say. I'm saddened by his loss, but maybe even more saddened by the thought that he was perhaps very miserable and alone. Did you watch the Barbara Walters special on Farrah Fawcet last night? It was so sad. Cancer is so awful. I think I cried through 80% of the show!

Miss Charlene said...

That's so true and so unfortunate. The world, fame and hollywood ruined him. Psychologists said he created a mind for himself and that he was really ten years old. I wonder if that was from not having a childhood. I will always remember being in awe of his dance moves and loving "Thriller" growing up. RIP Michael Jackson.