Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 33 How to be a generous giver

Generosity Day 3:
The bible describes several different types of givers; persistant givers, poor givers, guilty givers, and terrifies givers. The hall of fame givers of scripture are women.

The most lavish giver: The Queen of Sheba. (This made me laugh because when I was little my mom use to ask me "Who do you think you are the queen of Sheba?" and I had no idea what she meant!) Her gift of gold to Solomon would have been three and a half million dollars in today's currency, and that does not include any of the jewels or spices she gave!

The most astute giver: Abigail. Her gift to David of provisions for his army prevented a murder.

The most unsung givers: The women who supported Jesus. The fed and supported Jesus and his followers through out his ministry.

The most broken giver: The woman who tearfully anointed Jesus' feet with expensive perfume then wiped them with her hair. Can you imagine that? The worst job you could have was to wash someone's feet after they have been walking almost barefoot then wiping it with your hair???

The most generous giver: The widow who put two pennies in the offering. Jesus singles her out as THE example of the greatest generosity he had seen. Her gift may have been the smallest in monetary amount but it was all she had. She gave out of her means not her abundance.

Today we were given the 8 principles of giving. They are:
1. The amount doesn't count. You just need to be cheerful.

2. Compare after prayer. Pray about every giving decision.

3. The Lord rewards. When you give, you receive.

4. Delay before you pay. Decide what your giving will be before you spend on yourself.

5. Decide against pride. Give your giving to God.

6. Invest in the best. Think of the kingdom as an investment property ;)

7. Be wise and prioritize. After giving to your church, prioritize the rest of your giving.

8. Take part from your heart. Giving is an adventure in faith.

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