Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 31 Being Like God

Generosity Day 1:

The world asks what does a man own? Christ asks how does he use it?

I never thought being generous was hard until I hit hard times. It was always just a no brainer and came naturally until all of a sudden I felt I didn't have enough to share. Not so much for myself but for my kids. I had to make sure they had enough and how could I do that if I was giving it all away? When I noticed my behaviour I started to feel guilty. UGGGG.
I have to start thinking whose stuff is it anyway? Then I have to relate material things to tithing. I have seen first hand how God multiplies your tithe back to you, I just have to trust him to do that with everything.
Here is one some of you can relate to: the eating habits of teenage boys. Have you seen how much they can eat?! We don't have a lot of money to spare and I only buy enough groceries to last us for the week. When my son has his friends over they can clean out his snacks for the whole week in 30 minutes! So I tell him no one can eat when they are over, then I feel bad for not feeding them! It is a vicious cycle!

I have to remember he provides for all our needs. No matter what. If you give, you will receive. Period. God is such an abundant giver!

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Kate said...

Hey - I just stopped by your page on CWTR and just realized that you have a blog. I too have the same problems with giving when the budget gets tight. G-d is still teaching me much about this.