Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here We Go Again

Todays headline: Student shot at Tennessee high school dies

Brings back Columbine every time to me. Yes I may be paranoid but man I worry every time I send the kids out the door. It is so sad. I do not think my mother ever had a doubt in her mind that when I went to school in the morning I would come back that afternoon. Not so today. I have been having little moments of paranoia the last few days because my 8th grader told me they have a new student at school who is very proud and proceeds to tell everyone he is a muslim and how much he loves Obama. Well my son is also very vocal and his filter that tells him what can and can not come out of his mouth does not always work well. In our home we are anti Obama and back in my school years we would be able to go to school and throw out our disagreements without a care. In a debate fashion of course~ If we took it too far some punches might be thrown but no guns or knives were ever worried about. Not so today. I can only imagine what my son would say in any heated discussion. Yes he knows better but we all know what peer pressure will do to all kids when they are no parents around. All I can do is pray for their daily protection.

O Angels of God, from heaven so bright,watching beside my children to lead them aright; Fold your wings round them, and guard them with love; In Jesus name, Amen.

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