Monday, July 28, 2008

Scriptures Needed

So here is something I have always wondered about;
So I know there are many scriptures about Jesus living with you in the moment, not worrying about the future, he will provide for all your needs, he will give you the desires of your heart, etc. These are all wonderful scriptures to give you hope. They should! What wonderful promises these are.
With all these in the back of my head, the devil tries to tempt the impatient me to purchase the desires of my heart before I actually have been blessed with the means to do so. :)
There have to be some scriptures that say something along the lines of "God is not going to dig you out of the hole you put yourself in because you went all crazy and now have tons of debt because you want everything now."
Or "It's OK to enjoy life without saving everything you make for an emergency that may or may not come."
Can you tell I have a little devil on my shoulder that likes to shop? :) I also have a little angel that wants to save everything just in case. I need to find a happy median. All advice/direction will be appreciated.

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The Wethington's said...

Okay here goes my list.

1. I will send pics it is really cute.

2. Ya can you believe how long it took? THey could say...oh by the way you have a brain tumor and if only this was caught a few months ago we could've saved your life but not now.

3. I am such a big shopper. I'm learning with the income cut though that I can't do it. There are things that I'm tempted to buy like a new car and bigger house..but everytime I've given in to anything big I regret it when it comes time to pay every month. We're kinda regretting my new wedding ring right now. I say just be patient and really think about it. Would your life really be all that different with what you want now? I bet if you really sit down and think about it you'll find that it can wait.