Friday, July 18, 2008

Just what I needed

I had the most amazing "meeting" today with life purpose coach Diane Cunningham. I met Diane last month when she came to speak at a monthly luncheon I attend. The topic was about finding your life purpose and your calling. What timing God has! I have been feeling so stuck lately~there are just so many things I want to be doing. (Some are business related and I hope to start those projects soon) I love to write but I can never finish a book. My mind wonders. I love to talk~I would love to have a talk show! My problem? I have NO IDEA where or how to start or exactly what God wants me to be doing. I was not blessed with an obvious talent like singing (the one talent I always wished I had) Diane set up a phone session with me. I shared some of my ideas with her, admitted how lost I feel and that I need direction. She prayed for me, and it's always awesome to have someone pray for you. Then she gave me some ideas to help me "sort thru my suitcase". Not sort thru a suitcase of baggage like problems I have to deal with, but like going thru the treasure chest of talents God must have given me that I am just not aware of yet. I feel more hopeful now than lost.

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The Wethington's said...

I kind of feel like you do. Nothing I'm doing seems to be helping my family the way I want it to and Tarren's job isn't any different. He's been looking for something else too, but it's so hard. Neither one of us really knows what we're supposed to be doing. I gotta look for the Left Behind movies. I bet he'd watch them with me. Also I think there is a new book in the series the final book maybe coming out this fall? I don't remember. Oh and the practice what you preach blog...that's a really hard one. It's hard to tell your kid "ya I screwed up but NOW I know that was wrong and I wish I could change it" They only hear "well I did it so if you do I can't get that angry" our neighbors are going through that right now. All I can say is good luck on that. I'm confused about the whole situation and within the last 7 years teens have changed so much that I really fear the next 10 years and 13 years until my kids are teens. Kids will be having babies at 9 by then. It's a mess. I guess just teaching them to be open with you and by assuring them that you are not there to judge them, but to help them. Scary. And now the drop in friends. I have drop in neighbors...wish I didn't. I love them to pieces but sometimes I just wanna relax and not clean. the house has to stay pretty clean because they just drop over. I wish I had people that I wasn't afraid to let see my slob side, but I don't even like my mom to see my house a mess. Tarren is the only one who knows I'm a closet slob...but also a total OCD clean freak if someone is going to see. C-R-A-Z-Y! Anyway, I hope going through your suitcase proves to be helpful and I will pray for you too. Love you!!